TRAILS Trail Horse Training

The TRAILS Method

Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on DVDs, clinics and magic sticks, learn how to train your horse through this do-it-yourself training manual.
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Introduction to TRAILS

Trails Book

Buying and Training Fearless Trail Horses

Go from pre-purchase to complete horsemanship.

Far too often the goal to fully enjoy the horse owning experience falls short because people purchase the wrong horse or do not fully appreciate the importance of horse training with a purpose. The ultimate “purpose” is to experience “joy” while in the saddle. In this book I define joy as, “horse and rider safely traveling down a trail while rider has a sense of overwhelming pride, satisfaction and happiness”.
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“Any horse owner or anyone looking to purchase a horse whose primary goal is to be a trail rider should read this book.”

Online Horse Training

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Trails Philosophy

Welcome to the TRAILS Method

This is not a revolutionary approach to horse training. The TRAILS method uses many longtime, accepted techniques for horse training and maintenance. The system simply organizes and logically demonstrates those areas of training where rider and horse can improve their performance for a safer and more enjoyable trail riding experience.

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T.R.A.I.L.S. is an acronym for:
Trail Riding Assessment and Informational Learning System

How this system is unique is that it gives horse owners a method to assess a horse’s performance in 25 different challenges. The result is a total numerical score based on a scale of 100. The goal of training is to then focus on those weakest tests/scores. Owners can score as often as desired but no more frequently than 30-day intervals.

The scoring system is designed logically and set up for ease of use. The testing pattern follows the same steps as a trail rider would complete on any given day. It’s easy and it’s fun.

Trails Philosophy

Quick fix vs. Permanent Fix

Solving Your Horse Behavior Issues

Quick Fix vs. Permanent Fix

Ask yourself this question, “what does it prove when a horse trainer who has ridden since childhood can make your horse do something you can’t”? It proves that the horse respects that trainer and is inclined to follow orders. No matter how long the horse is at the trainer, it still remembers you when you climb back in the saddle to ride. Old habits return almost immediately and the expectation of trading money for an improved trail horse is not realized.

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There are several categories of horse training that do require a professional horse trainer such as: initial starting (breaking), trailering for the difficult-to-trailer horses, extremely herd sour horses, etc. But, for the most part, most horse training is specific to THAT owner/horse duo. Meaning, most human/horse combinations require that those two entities must work together to become greater than the two entities. This is known as Synergy. Synergy between human and horse is our goal!

Far too often, horse owners invest way too much money on DVDs, books, clinics and trainers only to end up with the same disappointing result. The TRAILS. book explains human behavior as it relates to the horse and, horse behavior as it relates to the rider. Once a horse owner understands the basic human/horse dynamic, training becomes significantly more effective and rewarding.

Without this basic knowledge of this dynamic, horse owners will continue to look for the magic bullet to solve their horse behavior issues.

Armed with this knowledge horse owners will have the ability to do most of the training themselves.