Any horse owner or anyone looking to purchase a horse whose primary goal is to be a trail rider should read this book. The information therein will take you from pre-purchase to complete horsemanship. Far too often the goal to fully enjoy the horse owning experience falls short because people purchase the wrong horse or do not fully appreciate the importance of horse training with a purpose. The ultimate “purpose” is to experience “joy” while in the saddle. In this book I define joy as, “horse and rider safely traveling down a trail while rider has a sense of overwhelming pride, satisfaction and happiness”.

Even if you enjoy attending clinics, purchasing training aids and using professional trainers, the horse will return to your care and you will have the responsibility of continued training. Without the proper methods and knowledge, the horse always reverts to its original habits with the owner. Ever heard the saying, “familiarity breeds contempt?”

Like many of you, I started riding horses later in life. I had many trials and tribulations along the way. I observed many horse owners and enthusiasts struggling with those same issues as I had in my journey. This book and system were 25 years in the making. It is designed specifically for all of us who want to thoroughly enjoy trail riding but do not completely know the path. This step-by-step, do-it-yourself manual and system that will create maximum synergy between you and your horse.